5 Custom Home Building Myths

custom home building myths

Myth: you should be intimidated about building a custom home in Victoria BC! Did you know that it’s easier than you think to get a home that has been designed specially for you and your lifestyle? A custom home doesn’t just reflect your personal taste and style, but it also makes your life more enjoyable every single day. Many people think that a custom home is out of reach for them, and it is mainly due to the 5 myths below. Today we bust these myths and help you make your custom home dreams a reality.

Myth #1: You need to know about design

One of the most intimidating aspects about building a custom home is that many homeowners believe they must do all of the designing themselves. This is a huge myth, as design is one of your custom home builders specialities. You can be involved as much or as little in the design process as you wish, all you really need to know is a rough idea of what you want your home to look like. You can then let the experts take it from there – no design experience required!

Myth #2: Custom homes take a long time to build

While every build has setbacks due to uncontrollable things such as the weather, there is no reason why building a custom home should take any longer than any other home. Once the design plan is final, the work begins and the process is the same as building any home. We work closely to make sure that all selections have been made by the time those products need to be installed in order to prevent holdups in the building process. When all that is done you will be living in your new custom home in no time!

Myth #3: There are many hidden costs

Another thing that steers people away from building a custom home is the belief that they will spend more than they budgeted for. This is mostly from the belief that home builders try to sell elements that the homeowner cannot afford, and this could not be more wrong. While there are a lot of dishonest builders out there, our team always does our best to honour the budget and provide honest and well thought out plans that reflect your price range. This does not just include the planning stage either, it is especially important to stick to the budget throughout the entire building process.

Myth #4: Custom homes are complicated

While building a home can be complicated, your custom home builder is there to make a seemingly overwhelming process simple and smooth for you. We work with our clients through every decision and step along the way, and before long your custom home will be complete. The best part is that we do all the heavy lifting!

Myth #5: It is too difficult to communicate with builders

Home builders are traditionally known for their lack of communication, and this makes many homeowners nervous to build their own home. When you go with a great custom home builder, this myth is the opposite of what you will experience. Custom home building is all about honesty, communication, and building the perfect home for each and every client. Without regular check ins and selection approvals, a custom home would never be what the owner wanted it to be. Our number one focus for our custom homes is communication, and this is how we build amazing custom homes for our clients.

Ready to see for yourself how false the above myths are? Contact our Victoria custom home builders today!

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