How To Add Value To Your Home

How To Add Value To Your Home

Looking to increase the value of your home? Did you know that a few small changes can make a huge difference when it comes to value? Whether you are planning to enjoy your home for years to come or you are looking to sell in the near future, it’s never a bad idea to add value to your home. Upgrading your home brings a sense of pride, and even potentially a larger price tag. Below we have put together 5 easy things that you can do to add value to your home without completely remodelling or renovating!

Storage Matters

If you feel like your home needs more storage space, you are probably familiar with clutter! Finding smarter storage solutions can help you organize and declutter your home, and will also add significant value to your home. Not to mention it will be much easier to tidy for home showings! Multi-purpose furniture that features hidden storage is one of the best ways to incorporate more storage into your home without a huge reno. If that isn’t available to you, small things such as drawer liners or closet organizers can make a huge difference in the way your home looks!


By investing in your home’s exterior, you are making your home appear welcoming or inviting right from the start. If you are looking for a low maintenance yard, try paving or decking. Along with this, be sure to prune any existing trees or bushes on your property. Don’t have a green thumb? You can always hire a gardener or professional landscaper to help!

Mini-Kitchen Reno

What’s more practical and valuable than a well equipped and efficient kitchen? Focusing your efforts on the kitchen is one of the easiest ways to add value to your home, and you don’t need to tear the entire kitchen down to make a huge difference. Simply rearranging a few cupboards or appliances can change the way your space feels, or changing the cupboard doors or flooring could add the look that your kitchen was missing. Give it a try!

Declutter and Clean

Get ready to declutter your home and start your spring cleaning! If you really want to spruce up your home, invest in a deep clean. This will help get the grime out of your floors, walls, and surfaces, and will make your home shine like new!

Add a Touch of Blue

Did you know that adding blue paint to your home can add thousands of dollars to the sale price? Any shade will do the trick, and it is especially valuable in the kitchen or bathroom. Blue is also a calming colour that will help you feel relaxed and at ease.

Try out these tips and watch your home’s monetary and practical value soar!

Posted by Shane Hughes


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