What Is The BC Step Code & Why You Should Know

What Is The BC Step Code & Why You Should Know

Have you heard of the new BC “Step Code”? This is the policy that identifies a new level of energy efficiency that buildings in certain zones or locations across BC must meet. Since it is a new building code, it affects anyone who may be looking to build a new Victoria BC custom home in the future.

Many municipalities have already implemented this code, and the goal is to have all newly built homes to be “net zero energy ready” by 2032. The BC Energy Step Code does this by setting out guidelines on how energy efficient a building must be, but does not specify the means to get to that efficiency level. This means that each building zone has an energy efficiency target that must be met, and it is up to the builder and designers to figure out the best way to meet that target.

Will The Step Code Affect Costs?

With the arrival of the BC Energy Step Code, many people are wondering if this will affect the cost of building their own home. Many studies show that living in a high performance home offers a more comfortable and healthier lifestyle for homeowners due to the way temperature and air circulation is managed in the home. While these types of homes may cost more upfront, they come with high energy bill savings which will balance out the cost in the long run, not to mention the day to day benefits of living in an energy efficient home. Depending on the level of step code your community has implemented (level 1-5), cost increases will vary in order to make sure your new home is up to the code.

The BC Energy Step Code website has more helpful information. Contact us with any questions about how this code may change the way custom homes are built here in Victoria BC!

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