5 Benefits Of Building A New Home

5 Benefits Of Building A New Home

One of the most common things we hear people say is, “Why invest more money in building a new home when I could purchase one that is already built for less?”. For starters, building your own custom Victoria BC home isn’t as pricey as you think. There are plenty of options to choose from when building a custom home, and this allows the cost to be flexible! There are many other great benefits that come from building a new home, and we have listed a few of them below:

  • Your home will fit your lifestyle
    One of the top benefits of building your own custom home is just that – it’s custom! Whatever your lifestyle and preference, you can choose the size, floor plan, layout, and finishes that work best for you. If you’ve always dreamt of hosting large dinner parties for your friends, maybe an open plan kitchen/dining room is for you! Or maybe you love working from home, but just need that quiet office space to do your work. No matter what you need in a home, there is usually a way to incorporate it. The options are endless, and you will get the final say on every piece of your new home.
  • More value for your money
    We know what you’re thinking: more square footage, more money right? Wrong! Even though homes today are much larger than they were 20-30 years ago, in many cases it actually costs less per square foot to build your own home than to purchase a smaller home. In short: build your own home, get more square footage and pay less per square foot.
  • No surprises
    There is nothing more frustrating than thinking you got a great deal on a home only to find major structural damage, mold, or another costly issue. When this happens, your seemingly plentiful budget can suddenly disappear. You never know what could be hidden in a house that you purchase from someone else, and you certainly don’t know what kind of maintenance or upkeep the previous owner performed. Even a home inspector can’t catch everything, and this is what makes building a new home a much better option. Building a home with a trusted contractor means that you know exactly what you are getting, and you know everything will be new and in working condition. Forget expensive repairs and upgrades, your custom home will be ready to live in from the moment you are handed the keys.
  • Add a modern touch
    Let’s face it, there are some modern touches that are more than just “nice-to-haves” and can make a huge impact on your lifestyle and happiness. Newly built custom homes can include all of the modern amenities that can save you both time and money such as energy efficient appliances and lighting, fingerprint-resistant surfaces, and smartphone-controlled heating and cooling systems. Even though your custom home may be larger than other homes, it will likely cost the same or even less to power it due to modern technologies. In addition to saving on energy, modern appliances look sleeker and come in a variety of designs to fit your taste!
  • Avoid closing costs
    We’ve already mentioned that building a custom home can be much more affordable than you may think, but another way you can save money is by avoiding closing costs. Closing costs take up a significant portion of a property sale, and by building your own home you can put this money directly towards your home instead! 


Custom homes are no longer out of reach! If any of these benefits sound great to you, you might want to consider building your very own custom Victoria BC home. Being able to live in a home that is made just for you gives you the freedom and peace of mind that you could be looking for, and it might even save you money.  

Discover all of the benefits of a newly built custom home without stress when you work with our trusted team. You take care of the dreaming, and we will take care of the rest! Contact our custom home builders in Victoria BC.

Posted by Shane Hughes


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