What Season Is The Best Time To Build?


Are you thinking about building your own custom home in Victoria BC? You may be wondering when you should start this exciting process, and the answer might surprise you! If you are ready to begin designing your dream home and it is the middle of winter, this is the perfect time to start. Yes, you heard right: winter is the best time to start this process. Read on to find out why.

  • The weather doesn’t have to be nice for design time!
  • Chances are if you are spending the time and money to build a custom home, you want it to be perfect for you and your lifestyle. Designing a home like this takes time, and you do not need to have nice weather to do this! Take some time in the winter to think through your design as you will not be as rushed to get the build going as you might be in the spring or summer. With this approach, you can make sure your design is just the way you want it by the time the nice weather rolls around.  

  • You can find a spot that you will enjoy year round
  • Plenty of homeowners fall in love with what they believe to be their perfect lot in the summertime, and end up disappointed once winter rolls around. It’s a great idea to go shopping for a lot to build your home on during the winter in order to make sure you know what you are getting during the worst conditions of the year. You can determine what kind of sunlight the lot will get, where water may pool, or where ice may build up. Chances are if you are happy with this lot in the winter, the summer will be ten times nicer.

  • There is plenty of time for the financing process
  • One important step in the custom home building process is setting up your financing for new home construction, which takes around 30-60 days. Why start this during perfect building weather when you can start it during the winter and have your financing ready to go when the nice weather finally arrives?

  • Get a head start on your to-do list
  • Most home owners are unaware of how many things need to be done before ground is actually broken at their build site. While the weather is not ideal for building, things such as clearing the property, excavating, setting up utilities, and preparing the build site can all be done in preparation for the build.  

Ready to get started on building your dream custom home? Contact our custom home builders in Victoria BC to learn how we can help with the design and build of your custom home.

Posted by Shane Hughes


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