Choosing The Perfect Custom Home Design

Choosing The Perfect Custom Home Design

The planning stages have finally begun, and that means you are one step closer to having your dream custom home in Victoria BC! While this is an exciting time, you may also feel overwhelmed by trying to choose the perfect design for your custom home. To help ease your worries, here are some tips to help you choose the best custom home design for you and your lifestyle: 


  • Think about your land
    When choosing a design for your custom home, try to keep the characteristics of your land in mind at all times. It is much easier to fit a custom home to the land than it is to fit the land to your custom home, so be sure to think about the size and shape of your lot while browsing for ideas.

  • Keep an open mind
    Keeping an open mind is key, especially when you are going into the design choosing process with little to no design experience. Take your time to browse through catalogues and web pages to really get a sense of how you want your dream home to look. Who knows, you may think you want one feature in your home, and then be totally surprised when you come across an even better feature instead.
  • Things are not set in stone
    It can be a lot of pressure to make a decision on something as large as the design for your dream home, but keep in mind that the design can change! If you find a design that you love, but there is one small element that bothers you, ask your team to change the design. In some cases, change can even happen once construction has started.
  • Focus on the big picture
    At this stage, your focus should be to get the basic elements of your dream home drawn out so that construction can begin. Don’t get hung up on windows, doors, furniture, or lighting during the early design stages as it can overwhelm you and cause unnecessary stress. 


Are you ready to choose your perfect Victoria BC custom home design? Contact us today – we can’t wait to get started on your dream home!

Posted by Shane Hughes


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