Custom Home Trends for 2019


Don’t you just wish that you could find your dream home in the ideal location in Victoria with the right size of yard, the perfect floor plan, that fireplace you always wanted, and with all the storage you need? Having a home like this can become a reality when you choose to build a custom home. Every detail lies in your hands, and you have trusted experts by your side to help advise you on the best choices for you and your lifestyle. At Hughes Construction, we have seen a wide variety of custom homes, so today we would like to bring you some of the hottest custom home trends of 2019. Who knows, maybe you will read something that inspires your own custom home design!


  • Open Floor Plans
    Open floor plans equal more communication and an easier flow of life. It’s no wonder they have been popular for a few years now! The term ‘open plan’ can be applied to everything from vaulted ceilings to a combined living/dining space, so it is versatile and can change to meet the needs of the homeowner. It also adds a certain ease to family life with young children, and adds a playfulness to entertaining!
  • Technology Integration
    With the latest advancements in smart home technology, this trend is one of the fastest growing trends of 2019. Not only does technology allow you to customize your home in multiple new ways, it also can make everyday life simpler and more enjoyable. Imagine waking up in the morning and setting your morning coffee to brew right from your smartphone – with everything from touch screen refrigerators to smart lighting, anything is possible.
  • Master Suite Retreats
    With our daily lives becoming busier and more hectic every year, many people are looking for that serene oasis to retreat to after a long hard day. Adding luxuries such as a jacuzzi tub or a stylish walk-in closet can create a space that helps you unwind and relax. Along with this being the perfect space that is just how YOU want it, these types of additions to the master bedroom can increase the value of the home. Win-win!
  • Relaxing Outdoor Spaces
    One of the parts about custom home design that homeowners often forget about is the outdoor space. Custom home designers make a huge effort to make sure that the indoor to outdoor transition is smooth and functional. Whether your custom home is in the middle of the forest or right downtown, the trend is to create a serene space that invites you and your guests to spend time in it. Not only does this mean your living space has extra square footage, it also brings a little touch of nature into your life.
  • Sustainability
    It is 2019 and many people are thinking about the environmental impacts of their actions. This is translating into a growing custom home trend that includes using sustainable products and tools to construct the home. Simple changes such as using energy efficient appliances or using reclaimed driftwood to build stairs can make your home both sustainable and unique. Not only is reusing products great for the environment, it also helps to save you money on your custom home budget.
  • Multi-Generational
    Many new custom homeowners are beginning to consider the length of time they will stay in that home, and what changes could happen in their life during that time. If this includes potentially housing elderly family members (or becoming an elderly family member yourself) or expanding your family, it is smart to make some design decisions that will accomodate this. Simple touches such as wide doorways and hallways, open floor plans, or an extra bedroom can make the transition to new stages of life both cost effective and hassle free.


If any of these new trends speak to you, there are a few things to consider: does this trend fit best with your lifestyle? Will you still enjoy it years down the road? Will it function the way you want it to? These trends are a great starting point, and our experts can help you answer these questions as you explore what you really want in your custom home design. Contact our custom home builders in Victoria today to get started!

Posted by Shane Hughes


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