Get Your Custom Home Ready For Spring

Get Your Custom Home Ready For Spring

Spring has sprung here in Victoria. The trees are fully bloomed and weather is warming up. Is your custom home ready? Whether it is a brand new Victoria BC custom home or your family has been enjoying it for years, there are things you can add to your spring cleaning list to help your home’s exterior stay ready for the summer months to come. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Clean out the gutters
    One of the first steps in spring home maintenance is cleaning out the gutters. This helps to protect your home’s exterior and foundation from pooling water so that your custom home can stay solid and strong for years to come. If you are unable to clean the gutters yourself, many professionals offer gutter cleaning for a small fee.
  • Power Wash
    The power washer is a great tool for cleaning dirt and grime from your siding, deck, patio, driveway, and sidewalks. Spray away the dirt to make your custom home shine like new!
  • Check on your roof
    Your roof took on the brute force of winter to keep you warm and dry for the last few months, so it’s a good idea to inspect your roof every spring. Even if your roof is new, there are damages that could still happen from tree branches or hail so it is always best to catch them early before larger problems happen. Give your roofer a call if you see any problems!
  • Clean outdoor furniture
    It’s patio season! Your patio furniture is probably dusty from sitting in storage, so give your outdoor furniture a wipe or a spray with the hose before bringing it out for the summer.
  • Organize the garage
    The garage doesn’t get much TLC during the winter as it is likely to cold out there to spend time in. Take 20 minutes to organize and tidy your garage to make room for your car, boat, lawn mower, or any new summer toys!
  • Take care of the gardens
    Get your garden ready for planting! Whether you are growing vegetables, fruits, or flowers, it’s a good idea to clear out the weeds and debris and turn the soil over for new growth.
  • Ready the grill
    Warm weather is the perfect time to BBQ – but is your grill sparkling clean for when your guests arrive? Be sure to scrub the inside of the grill and soak removable grates in warm soapy water to make your BBQ shine like new.
  • Air out the house
    Chances are the windows in your custom home have been shut tight all winter, and now it is time for an air exchange! Take advantage of a warm day to open all the windows and let some fresh air in.

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Posted by Shane Hughes


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