Why You Should Hire A Custom Home Builder Before Buying Land


If you are considering building a custom home, your first instinct may be to start shopping for a perfect lot to build it on. While you may not think your Victoria BC custom home builder needs to be involved until the design stage, think again! It is a great idea to have your builder on board right from the start as they can provide important input as you purchase the perfect lot. Below are some reasons why you should engage a custom home builder before you start shopping for that perfect location.

Lot Shopping

Having your builder on board while you shop for a lot is crucial as they will be looking at very different elements of the lot, and these may be things that you wouldn’t even consider. While you take into account things such as proximity to work or schools, traffic, lot size, neighbourhood, or privacy, your custom home builder will look for things such as ease of ability to build on the lot, or approximate cost of building on the lot. Often homeowners purchase a lot that fits all of their needs only to find out that it will be impossible or out of their price range to build on that lot – don’t let this happen to you! Hiring a builder before you decide to purchase a lot helps avoid these situations.

Test The Lot

Another way that your custom home builder can benefit you before you purchase a lot is having a site inspection on the lot before you purchase. With a site inspection , your builder will be able to, your builder will be able to clearly estimate excavation costs and further solidify your total costs. This type of testing may even make or break whether you decide to purchase the lot.

Knowledgeable Resources

Finally, a custom home builder is a knowledgeable resource on zoning and building codes, and this information can be extremely useful when planning a build and purchasing a lot. Knowing what sort of codes are in place can also help you determine further expenses that you may not have considered. For example, if a building code requires you to have a water collection system, this will be an extra expense to add onto your budget.

Save yourself time, stress, and money by having your new home builder by your side before you decide to purchase a lot. Contact us today to get started on finding the perfect lot for a price that will work for you.

Posted by Shane Hughes


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