Items To Bring When You Meet Your Home Builder

Items To Bring When You Meet Your Home Builder

The day is finally here – you are ready to meet with your custom home builder to discuss your new dream home and the building process. In this initial meeting there are many things that can be intimidating or overwhelming. You may be thinking “where do we even begin?” or “how long will this whole process take?”. Rest assured that your custom home builder will answer all of your questions!

To make the initial meeting run smoothly, below are some things that we recommend you prepare ahead of time to bring with you. 

  • Your budget
    One of the first things your home builder will ask about is your budget. The entire home design and building plan will depend on this crucial piece of information. So, before you have your initial meeting with the builder, take a look at your finances and decide how much you have to spend on your dream home.
  • What you like and dislike about your current home
    It can be tough to voice what you would really like in your new home, so one of the best places to start is by making a list of what you love and dislike about the current home you live in. This helps your home builder get a better idea of what to include or exclude in your new home design.
  • Floor plan ideas
    Before the meeting, it’s a good idea to think about what the floor plan in your new home may look like. If you’ve seen another house either in person or online with a floor plan that you like, bring some photos or drawings to your meeting with you. By no means do you have to know exactly which floor plan will suit you best (that’s what the experts are for!), but having an idea of what could work for you will be a great starting point. From there, your home builder will have an idea of what you are looking for and how they can make that floorplan work for your budget.
  • A point of contact
    Designate one person to be the main point of contact with your builder, as this helps things stay organized and on track. This person will be the first person the builder calls with questions, so they should know a little bit about the entire plan for the home. This person can definitely consult others, but it will be much easier if the builder speaks only to one person and not two or three.
  • Paperwork
    Lastly, bring any relevant paperwork that you might need for your meeting. This includes sketches, photos, county records about your lot, or loan details. This helps show your builder that you are serious about the project, and it means you can get started right away. 

Now that you know what to bring, are you ready to schedule your initial meeting with one of our Victoria BC custom home builders? Contact us today! 

Posted by Shane Hughes


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