Options For Selecting Custom Home Finishings

Options For Selecting Custom Home Finishings

Once you have started the custom home building process, you will probably be looking forward to selecting all of the finishes for your new home. This is one aspect of the process that many people get excited for, and it begins right as your custom home design takes shape. If you really want your custom home build to go smoothly, it is a good idea to have all of your decisions made before construction even begins. If the idea of making that many decisions so soon scares you, remember that you can always change your mind later on! It is just simply easier to streamline the entire process if the majority of the decisions are made upfront. To help make these decisions easier, below are three options for the selection process when it comes to your custom home finishings: 

Expert’s Choice

For this option, your designer will learn about your taste, style, and likes and dislikes. You can show them any online or magazine images that you have collected and discuss ideas with them. From there, your designer will do all of the legwork to come up with a selection of finishes within your budget that you will love. Once they have a selection for you, you get to give the “OK” and the selection process is done! This option is great if you feel too busy or overwhelmed to deal with shopping for finishes yourself.

Behind the Scenes

If you are looking for a more involved approach, this option is for you. You will have the chance to be a part of every discussion and meeting with your designer which means that you get to be right in the centre of the selection and decision process. This also involves looking at tons of samples, adding your input along the way, and hand picking each home finishing with the expert support of your designer.

The Highlights

The last option is a blend between the first two options. If you are really excited about certain finishings but not bothered about others, you can be actively involved in the selection for the ones you choose while allowing your designer to present you with options for the less important finishes. This option is the best of both worlds as it allows you to get an inside look into the selection process while not getting bogged down by too many decisions. 

The selection process for your custom home finishings is an exciting time, and one of the best parts is that you can choose the level of involvement that works best for you! 

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Posted by Shane Hughes


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