If you already have drawings and are working with an architect. We can develop a budget and schedule off your plans. The sooner we are included the easier for us to pre-schedule all our sub trades as well as acquire any material that may have delays.

We will work with you and your designers to ensure that the final product will be of top quality, as well as on time and budget.


Hughes Construction delivers highest quality custom home remodeling services for a discerning clientele. Hughes will work with you arriving at your desired remodeling needs and creates a plan complete with design, blueprints, and a schedule to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Acknowledging the clients unique requirements, and producing top quality finished product every time.


Effective management requires a thorough understanding of the many factors affecting the design and construction of a home, as well as the scheduling of all the trades and material. At Hughes Construction we have the highest standards in quality as well as customer satisfaction. For any management needs please feel free to phone for a consultation.

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