Stages Of Building A Custom Home In Victoria BC

Stages Of Building A Custom Home In Victoria BC

If you are considering building a custom home, there are probably a thousand questions going through your mind about financing, designs, contractors, and timelines. While this can all seem overwhelming for some people, building a custom home is a rewarding process that can help you achieve the home you have always wanted. To help break it down and hopefully answer some of your questions, below you will find the stages of building a custom home in Victoria BC.

Stage 1: Pre-construction

In the pre-construction stage, the plans for your custom home are drawn up, developed and submitted for permits. Permits are for everything from the structure to electrical and plumbing, and your municipal office may require you to make changes based on permit specifics.

Stage 2: Construction Begins

Once your permits are approved, the construction begins with building the foundation for your home. This involves preparing the land, erecting the foundation walls, and pouring concrete. At this stage, you will be making some decisions on the finishes for your dream home such as flooring, cabinets, and more.

Stage 3: Framing

Next, your home will be framed. This involved erecting exterior walls, partitions, and the roof. Windows, doors, and basement additions will also be installed. 

Stage 4: Interior & Exterior Finishes

Once the roof is complete, your exterior walls will be insulated and a home inspection will happen. After this, your walls and ceilings will be painted, siding will be attached, and other finished such as railings will be installed. This phase often moves quickly, so you should expect your custom home builder to keep you in the loop with lots of updates.

Stage 5: Completion

Once your home has passed inspections and the finishing touches are complete, it is time for you to do a walk through of the home. Once you approve of the work and note any touch ups that need to be done, you will receive the keys to your new custom home! 

Now that you have the basic process down, the fun part begins! Contact us today to chat about how we can help you build your dream home.

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